We are raising funds to publish the first issue of From Blood an action packed comic book about the mysterious patient 27 and the secrets he holds. For years he has kept silent … a hulking indestructible mountain of a man, but after a visit from Doctor Reese … the door has been opened and all hell breaks loose. This first issue is 100% complete and ready for print, we just need the funds to print and publish it. We have plenty of different reward tiers that include digital comics, limited collectors editions and even original art.

From Blood #2

Escaping the Grove Mental Institute was only the beginning for Patient 27. Separated from Doctor Reese, 27 is taken in by a sinister group looking to exploit his strength and invulnerability. But Doctor Reese is not alone, she encounters a mysterious man from 27s past … who just might hold the key to his future. It’s an action packed race towards destiny in this exciting second chapter.
We are seeking funding for From Blood Chapter Two a 24 page comic written by Zach Bassett, myself and James Whynot with art by Zach and inks by Kenneth Leinaar. Rounding out the creative is E.T. Dollman on letters and Victorino Mendoza Muyo Jr. providing the colors.

Kickstarter Reward Tiers

Interior Artwork

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