Void of Heroes 1 (of 4)

Welcome to the future, a dark world rotting and decaying under the rubble of a long forgotten war. In the shadows there is movement, the technology responsible for the destruction stirs and the struggle to survive is a deadly day to day reality. Based on the dynamic mobile game, Void of Heroes is a dark sci-fi drama packed with epic mech battles.

Written by:
Topi Miettinen & Topi Koivisto
Production by:
Topi Miettinen, Topi Koivisto & Jukka Planman

Print – Now / Digital – Soon
Page Count:
28 (27 Story)
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T   Appropriate for readers ages 12 and up.


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The Game

Are YOU Hero enough to survive the Void?

Introducing a fast paced multiplayer Mech FPS with a involved skill system and a comic series highlighting the experiences of one particularly unfortunate soul trapped in the Void.