Void of Heroes 3 (of 4)

Something new has entered the void, a new force of warriors arrive but are they friend or foe? Faced with their own set of challenges can these new mechanized soldiers hope to survive in the darkness? Find out in the penultimate chapter of Subterranean Dawn the first story set in the world of the dynamic new video game, Void of Heroes.

Written by:
Topi Miettinen & Topi Koivisto
Production by:
Topi Miettinen, Topi Koivisto & Jukka Planman

Print – Now / Digital – Soon
Page Count:
28 (27 Story)
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T   Appropriate for readers ages 12 and up.

The Game

Are YOU Hero enough to survive the Void?

Introducing a fast paced multiplayer Mech FPS with a involved skill system and a comic series highlighting the experiences of one particularly unfortunate soul trapped in the Void.