Decisions: A Minor Variation

Decisions: A Minor Variation is a full color one-shot comic book featuring THREE stories written by Martin T Pierro. This marks the first time that Martin has written a comic in nearly a decade.

The first story is “I Hear the Train a Cominfinds John, a man literally at a crossroads, he has lost all hope, he is giving up on his dreams and his very life. With time running out an etherial guide visits John to try to turn him down a different path … is there enough time or will darkness rule the day?

The second story “My Brother’s Keeper begins at a funeral, we find Quinton grieving the loss of his younger brother. In anger Quinton and others blame another boy – Dante for leading his brother down a path that brought him to the grave. Two etherial guides arrive and take Quinton on a journey through his past that will change his perception and will force him to face a hard truth.

The third and final story “Policy of Truth reunites Martin with the original Decisions artist Zach Bassett for a tale about a rookie police officer about to make a choice that will forever doom her destiny. Our guides arrive to to give her one chance to alter events that will lead to the death of innocent teenage boy.

Written by: 
Martin T Pierro
Art by:
Zach Bassett, Michael Dorman & Fredson Oliveira
Colors by:
Idris Shamsudeen
Letters by:
Cosmic Times
Edited by:
Chuck Pineau & Andrea Lorenzo Molinari 
Cover by:
Oscar Pinto
Variant Covers by:
 Michael DormanFredson Oliveira & Zach Bassett

Print – Now – Through IndieGoGo / Digital – Soon
Page Count: 28
Cosmic Times Production  Code: CT-033
Diamond Order Code:

T+   Appropriate for readers age 16 and older.

Correction: The Chase Cover Variant (D) was incorrectly credited to Michael Dorman on the "credits page" - the cover was actually illustrated and colored by Zach Bassett. This error will be corrected in all future editions!


Cover B
by Fredson Oliveira &
Daniele Caramanico
Edition: Open
Cover C
by Michael Dorman &
Anthony D Lee
Edition: 500
Cover D
by Zach Bassett
Edition: 100
Cover E
Blank Blue Line Sketch Cover
“Blue Line Edition”
Edition 50


While promoting the Decisions Kickstarter publisher and author Martin Pierro wrote an article for Bleeding Cool. He talks about his 11 + years of working in the comic book industry and mentions the Kickstarter for Decisions: A Minor Variation once or twice. Take a few minutes to check it out (it’s relatively short).

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