Decisions: A Minor Variation

Decisions: A Minor Variation is a full color one-shot comic book featuring TWO stories written by Martin T Pierro. This marks the first time that Martin has written a comic in nearly a decade.

The first story is “I Hear the Train a Cominfinds John, a man literally at a crossroads, he has lost all hope, he is giving up on his dreams and his very life. With time running out an etherial guide visits John to try to turn him down a different path … is there enough time or will darkness rule the day?

The second story “My Brother’s Keeper begins at a funeral, we find Quinton grieving the loss of his younger brother. In anger Quinton and others blame another boy – Dante for leading his brother down a path that brought him to the grave. Two etherial guides arrive and take Quinton on a journey through his past that will change his perception and will force him to face a hard truth.

Written by: 
Martin T Pierro
Art by:
Zach Bassett, Michael Dorman & Fredson Oliveira
Colors by:
Idris Shamsudeen
Letters by:

Edited by:
Chuck Pineau & Andrea Lorenzo Molinari 
Cover by:
Oscar Pinto
Variant Covers by:
 Michael Dorman & Fredson Oliveira

Print – Soon / Digital – Soon
Page Count: 24
Cosmic Times Production  Code: CT-033
Diamond Order Code:

T+   Appropriate for readers age 16 and older.

Two pages from I Hear the Train a Comin
Art by Fredson Oliveira / Colors Coming Soon

Two pages from My Brother’s Keeper
Art by Michale Dorman / Colors by Idris Shamsudeen


Cover B
by Fredson Oliveira
Cover C
by Michael Dorman
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