Deep Space Tragedy #4 (of 4)

This is it! The final showdown is here! Deep Space Tragedy and the Diodes compete in the ultimate battle of the bands where the prize is freedom for every robot living on Cog. It is believed that the prophecy of the unbroken hour will bring healing rain to the planet but the treacherous Lord Caineaux has other plans as the rain turns to fire. All will be revealed in this triple-sized final chapter of the greatest robot rock ‘n roll epic of all time!

Written by: 
Mike Wagganer
Art & Letters by:
Mike Wagganer
Colors by:
Mike Montalvo & Valeria Romanazzi
Edited by:
Tracey Wagganer
Editing & Colors by:
Martin T. Pierro
Cover by:
Mike Wagganer

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Page Count:
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E    Appropriate for readers all ages.

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