You can BE COSMIC!


Cosmic Times was built on three principles … one of those was that story will always come first. We strive to publish dynamic and unique stories, it’s why we do what we do. Do you have a story you would like to tell? Do you need a nationally distributed comic publisher? Cosmic Times might be just what you are looking for! Here are some guidelines to help you submit your idea:

All comics need to be completed projects to be considered. That means completed script, illustrated, colored, lettered … you get the idea. If this is a series (mini or ongoing) we need to know that issues one and two are done and ready to go. ONLY COMPLETED PROJECTS WILL BE CONSIDERED. So please do not send in plot outlines or scripts … those will be discarded. There is a caveat … if you are an artist, inker, colorist or letterer and are looking to be considered for future projects or even cover work … please send a link to your online portfolio or a few samples of your work, we will add you to our creator database, though this is not what were looking for at this time.

As a rule of thumb, Cosmic Times does not produce comics that feature zombies, superhero’s, or vampires. Something else to keep in mind, we try to be as family friendly as possible but we are open to suggestions if it’s a good story.

We do not pay a page rate or creative fees for submitted work. We work out fair and reasonable profit sharing deals, but very rarely pay any upfront costs. If you need funding for your project there are plenty of crowd funding options. We are looking to take your completed project to the next level by distributing it to as many retailers of comics and graphic novels possible.

Please send only the first 5-7 pages in PDF format. Make sure the pages are fully inked, lettered and colored (if it’s a colored book). Why only a few pages? We want you to protect your project. Its your idea and your work. If we like what we see in those pages … we will request to see more.

Also provide us with a one page synopsis of the story. Tell us what makes your project stand out from all the others. Don’t hide anything – make us want to dive into the world you have created.

Be patient with us … we are extremely busy and we do receive a good amount of submissions. We will do our best to look at everything in a timely manner, however some days are busier than others. If you do not hear from myself or a Cosmic Times representative in 60 days please consider that submission rejected.

We are looking for more creator owned/ generated properties to add to our catalog and if you feel that your project is COSMIC … then please submit it, we want to see it.

Also keep in mind …
Submission of your work will not in anyway guarantee publication or a contract of any kind. You are submitting your work to Cosmic Times of your own free will. You understand that it is not uncommon for more than one individual or company to originate similar ideas independent of each other. By submitting your project you are agreeing to forgo any claims that Cosmic Times or any of our employees or representatives misappropriated any ideas or portions of your work as presented in any future projects. As the creator of your work you will retain all rights to your intellectual property. This includes film & TV rights, unless specified otherwise in an agreement or contract.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Cosmic Times, just fill out the form below (including links to the sample for your project) to start the process and one day … you just might … BE COSMIC!

Martin T. Pierro