Metal Locus 4 (of 4)

This is it; the final chapter, everything comes to a head in this issue! Hermes and his team struggle to keep it together after the devastating loss of one of their own in the previous issue, but is anyone safe as long as Hermes is alive? It’s the epic action packed science fiction conclusion to this summers hottest independent miniseries, brought to you by Stephan Nilson (Batman Strikes) and Larry Watts (Army of Darkness).​

Written by: 
Stephan Nilson
Art by:
Larry Watts
Letters by:
Charles Pritchett
Colors by:
Romulo Fajardo Jr
Covers by:
Larry Watts

Print –  / Digital –
Page Count:
28 (22 Story)
Cosmic Times Production  Code: 
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T+    Appropriate for readers ages 16 and up.

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