Cosmic Times Comics!

Chaser Platoon

The original Chaser Platoon from 1991
finally collected and for the
FIRST time in full color!

Decisions: The Faces of the Stranger

… in life …  sometimes things are not always black and white, in those shades of grey, the hard choices are made …

Deep Space Tragedy

They came to ROCK …
they stayed to save the galaxy!

Flesh of White

A supernatural horror story of modern-day witch doctors hunting a baby with albinism.

From Blood

An action packed 3 issue mini-series 
now funding through Kickstarter!


Everyone loves giant robots …
until you have to fix one.

The Good, The Bad, & The Prehistoric

A time bending tale of
dinosaurs and cowboys.

Metal Locus

The ability to save or destroy the world is in one man’s head … and he just wants to get paid.

Scales of Time

A dying pianist performs his last at the heart of a struggle between his draconian patron
​and a time-tripping robot bound to free him!

Sugar Boogarz

Artist/Writer Michael “LocoDuck” Duron brings his all-ages series Sugar Boogarz to Cosmic Times!


A science-fiction tale
 of action & vengeance.

Void of Heroes

In the shadow of war …
something in the darkness stirs

What I.F.

A familiar story the world has never heard about a character we’ve never met but have always known.


A Samurai’s story of love, loss and forgiveness.

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