A Sci-Fi tale of Action & Vengeance
Funded Through Kickstarter

A one-shot comic about a man trying to make a difference against all odds in a hopeless future.

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Officer Josiah Bledsoe is one of the toughest cops in the Department of Adjudication. But his limits will be tested with the return to Earth of the Star Corps traitor who ruined his dreams, and is now the right hand of the dreaded Nebula Empire! Be here for the TAKEDOWN of a lifetime!

Bringing the talents of writer Geoffrey D Wessel (Keeper)  and artist Zach Bassett (From Blood, Decisions) together – Takedown is an intense action thriller set in a hopeless future where the Nebula Empire threatens all. It’s the story of one man who must be brave enough to face his past to save the future.

Takedown takes cues from the classic Judge Dredd comics of the 70s & 80s and takes things to a much larger scale. Takedown is a true intergalactic story with large stakes, that races towards a surprising climax. 


Takedown has four awesome covers – Cover A by series artist and Cosmic Times creative director Zach Bassett. Cover B by comic legend Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Flash, Nightwing). Cover C featuring Zach Bassett’s cover artwork printed on a metal cover (in that the actual cover features a metal plate). Cover D a blank sketch cover.

Takedown Cover A by Zach Bassett

Takedown Cover B by Phil Hester 

Takedown Limited Edition Metal Cover

Takedown Blank Sketch Cover

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