Originally conceived as a black & white mini-series, From Blood is now a full color, perfect bound graphic novel, and we need your help bringing it to the world. Everyone has been working hard to get this book finished and with your support we can reward our team for their hard work and of course pay to print it.

From Blood
A Cosmic Times Graphic Novel

Patient 27 has been locked away at the Grove Mental Institution for years. No one knows his real name … no one knows what secrets he’s forgotten about. The only thing the staff knows is that he is an invincible monster to be avoided at all costs. After Patient 27 lashes out in a violent rage, Doctor Reese a new psychologist has a break through … then all hell breaks loose. 
Together, Patient 27 and Doctor Reese begin a quest to unlock the secrets of the past and to understand why he seems to be indestructible. It’s a race across the county as they try to stay one step ahead of the men looking to turn 27 into a weapon, but can 27 ever be more? It’s an action packed voyage of discovery that you won’t want to put down. 

Created by: 
James Whynot & Zach Bassett
Written by: 
James Whynot, Zach Bassett & Martin T. Pierro
Pencils by:
Zach Bassett
Inks by:
James Whynot, Kenneth Leinaar & Zach Bassett
Colors by:
Victorino Mendoza Muyo Jr.
Edit by:
Connie Voss
Cover by:
Zach Bassett (Standard)
Zach Bassett & Larry Watts (Early Backer Variant)
Larry Watts (Retailer)

Print – Coming Soon to Kickstarter / Digital – Coming Soon
Page Count:
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Diamond Order Code:
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T+   Appropriate for readers age 16 and older.


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If you back at $10.00 or more … no matter what reward tier you select you will receive this awesome digital bonus pack that was unlocked because we passed TWO benchmark goals. Not only will you receive the From Blood graphic novel digital edition, you will receive the Cosmic Sampler PLUS The Dusk County Chronicles #1 AND Kayless #1 all for $10.00 or more. 

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Interior Artwork

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