Flesh of White 1 (of 4)

Tanzanians, Rehema and Idi, celebrate the birth of their new son, but must weigh their hopes against unanticipated fears.  Little Kwasi was born with albinism, and they live in a part of Tanzania where superstition and fear guide the hearts of men.  In the home of his parents, Kwasi is safe, but as a scheming Witch Doctor learns of his existence, Rehema and Idi must fight to protect him when the Doctor and his Harvester come for the little one’s white flesh.​

Written by: 
Erica J Heflin
Art by:
Amanda rachels
Colors by:
Gavin Michelli
Edited by:
James O’Callaghan
Cover by:
Amanda rachels & Nathan Lueth 

Print – Now / Digital – Soon
Page Count:
Cosmic Times Production  Code: 
Diamond Order Code:
T    Appropriate for readers ages 12 and up.


"Flesh of White is also a story with magic, with ghosts and spirits and mystical powers (both good and evil). It’s a fantasy tale, and it certainly fits within the supernatural horror genre."

– Conori Bell-Bhuiyan – Broken Frontier

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