At long last the final issue of Mike Wagganer’s robot rock’n roll epic is available to the public. Now you can purchase this 49 page epic conclusion and have it delivered to your home – FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!

A limited quantity are currently in-hand and will ship within days of you completing your order. We have SIX different purchase options … from digital versions to the complete series to a special five-pack so you can have copies to share. 

Deep Space Tragedy #1 (of 4)

The most epic intergalactic rock n’ roll adventure of all time begins here! Deep Space Tragedy – a teenage robot rock band on the run – gets more than they bargained for on a remote planet. What was supposed to be just another show soon turns into a struggle of life and death with the fate of an entire planet in the balance.​

Written by: 
Mike Wagganer
Art & Letters by:
Mike Wagganer
Colors by:
Moisely Fernandez
Edited by:
Tracey Wagganer & Martin T. Pierro
Covers by:
Mike Wagganer / Andrew Wildman

Print – Now / Digital – Now
Page Count:
28 (22 Story)
Cosmic Times Production  Code: 
Diamond Order Code:
E    Appropriate for readers all ages.

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“Transformers” Variant
by Andrew Wildman
Chase Variant (100 Units)
by Mike Wagganer
NYCC Variant 
by Mike Wagganer


Deep Space Tragedy "is a great offering if you want just to escape, have some fun and be entertained."

– Reading with a Flightring

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